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Sharing wine and helping others.

It is amazing the great things that happen when getting together with friends and opening a bottle of wine or two (ok, maybe three). Stories, laughs, and possibly the start of something pretty cool.

That’s exactly what happened on a perfect summer night. With those empty bottles on the counter, the building blocks for Grapeful were put in place. Our goal was to create something which mirrored the essence of that evening – friends, laughs, sharing great wine – while matching it with a desire to help those in need. Right then, we adopted the motto #wine4good.

At Grapeful, we provide anyone (as long as you are of legal drinking age!) a fun and unique way to raise money for any cause, charity or organization you may support – all through the sale of wine.  

We realize it’s tough, but we taste a lot of wine and hand-select our Winery Partners. We seek out those producing fantastic wine – wine which has meaning and a story to tell, just like the causes you are looking to support. And so you know, fantastic does not necessarily mean expensive – value always plays a big part in our decisions.

Whether it’s a Grapeful Order Site, a get-together with a few friends or a more formal event, we’re ready to support you and your fundraising efforts. Remember, it’s about friends, good times and, of course, sharing great wine.

Thanks for your interest in Grapeful. If you would like to learn more, or just want to talk wine, you can contact us here

The Grapeful Team

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